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Meet the Anderson Authors

Introductions are in order. It is always nice to know who you are communicating with. I'm Morris Anderson, creator, and author of the Goal Process. My kids and I have spent the past two years designing and developing the Dragonize Studio's & Institute Corporation which produces this monthly magazine. Together, we aim to bring inspiration, hope, progress, and various perspectives that will hopefully help you achieve your personal endeavors. 

Belle, my oldest daughter, is out and about looking for people that are in the process of making something of themselves. Her column, Onsight with Belle, will focus on the progress and setbacks people may be experiencing as well as how they plan to overcome their obstacles. 

My son, Raymond, at the age of 10, has "published" a fictional book of his own. Being so young, his column will emphasize the youthful learning curve in gaining knowledge and experiences; good and disappointing. I don't change his words but will condense down his story to fit the format. 

My little lady, Layla, is turning 8 this month. Though she isn't writing in the Syndicate, she's still participating behind the scenes with a wonderful attitude of wanting to help where ever she can. 

I'll tell a little more about our story in my own column for this issue. However, all of us are aiming to bring more to you than you what you had last month. As a family, we've endured some disasters that flat line so many people every day. We found a way to work through it. We apply the steps of the Goal Process, and we are stronger than ever. 

I invite you to read the Goal Process in my book, Dragonize Your Dragon Eyes. Our wish, is to see as many people progress into their uncertain tomorrow with their goals in mind, and find their own reasons for happiness in the journey they've set their course. You can read the Goal Process absolutely free on our website, www.Dragonize.Org.

Every bit the website is designed and setup to best help you follow through the 11 Steps of the Goal Process. You can visit/share with friends and follow groups in the Social Portal, find or sale items in the Classifieds.

I built this site on my own, so when you find my inevitable mistakes, please submit the error so I may fix them. The Goal Process does not teach perfection, but progression. So, it helps to know how to improve from time to time. 

Best wishes, from my family to yours. 

Believe Greatly, Achieve Greatly. 

Morris     Anderson

Author and creator of the Goal Process as well as Chairman of the Board for the Dragonize Studio's & Institute, Inc. Nearly 3 decades of coaching and teaching experience, Morris hopes to help everyone find greater success and joy in their daily endeavors. 

Morris spends a lot of time with his kids on their boat at Lake Pleasant. He loves their participation as active columnists for the Dragonize Syndicate as the corporation begins to grow.  You will see his articles every month through out the country and is the main editor for the Peoria 85383 issues in Arizona.