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Welcome to Dragonize.Org

Believe Greatly. Achieve Greatly. Izeneyes!

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Izeneyes with Your Compeers

Display your day and keep informed with your Compeers. The JournalStream is where you work with other You'sers on Dragonize.Org

Syndicate Articles

Dragonize National Articles

Check out this months Dragonize Syndicate Articles or view previous articles from other Syndicate regions.


Learn, Teach, Improve

Study, Learn, & Teach on the Dragonize Campus. Education is important to your goals. Mentors earn 80% of tuition from their courses.


Funding Your Goals

Create a funding campaign for your project, your startup, your non-profit, or for some needed assistance.


Submit, Vote, Win.

Participate by submitting your photo to WinnerPics. Participate more by voting on other entries every month. Winners are presented in our Syndicate.


Read, Dream, & Publish

The BookShelf helps authors publish and present their titles to be read. All authors, publishers, and literary professionals are welcome.


Flavor Your Table

Share your favorite recipes and find new ones in TasteBuds. Our favorite recipe of the month is shared in our Dragonize Syndicate.


Employment Posting & Resumes

When you are looking for that new job or adding to your business team, Find those who Believe Greatly and aim to Achieve Greatly.


Your Audio Amplified

Audio producers earn 80% royalty of sales their audio creates. Listen to audio for yourself and purchase for your A/V projects.

RSVP Events

Hosting Events

Promote your event and sale tickets. Get the tickets you need to attend the events that interest you.


Under Reconstruction

You'ser Reality shows, music videos, and Campus course videos.


Under Reconstruction

Independent Feature Films. Subscription based film streaming.

About Dragonize

Izeneyes on Dragonize

About the Dragonize Organization.


Files, Calendars, & Organization

Coming Soon: A place to share larger files and coordinate projects with other You'sers who Izeneyes together.

United States Constitution

Our Freedoms and Rights

The Dragonize Organization supports the Constitution of the United States as it allows us each to have a voice and to protect our work.