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The Dragonize Organization is founded and operated by Morris Anderson and his 3 children who incorporated Dragonize Studios and Institute Inc in 2017.

Morris coached for a total of 28 years and operated his own gymnastics club for 12 years working primarily with youth. During that career, he aimed to improve the quality of those he coached and wrote monthly articles with coaching tidbits of what was most relevant for that month. After years of penning articles, Morris compiled all the information and published them as a single work when he then coined the teachings the "Goal Process." 

Every year, since 2005, Morris has added, edited, revised, and reworked the Goal Process. It originally only had 5 steps. It has increased to 11 identifiable steps for ways that people can act for themselves in ways to improve their overall Self-Esteem. The latest revision was in early 2021. The Dragonize Organization is aimed at continuing to provide tools and forums where people may best serve their goals.

Originally, Coach Morris encouraged people to utilize the internet and social media to pursue their goals. Around 2015, Coach Morris noticed that major platforms had begun implementing particular algorithms which made applying the steps of the Goal Process more difficult. Those algorithms presented posts and data you never requested and detoured users from what they truly were looking for and wasting individuals' precious time. Algorithms also delayed content and information getting to those who have chosen to hear from you, making the news obsolete by the time it showed up in a follower feed. Coach Morris could not endorse any social platforms that would best align with the Goal Process. So, he decided to build his own that would. 

Today, Coach Morris and his "Bums" proudly provide Yous'ers with a social platform that more coincides with the Goal Process and the teachings for building better Self-Esteem. Believe Greatly, Achieve Greatly. 


Morris Anderson

My coaching career began at 15 years old. When I was told I had to earn my opportunity to take gymnastics classes. That turned into a 28-year career of working with well over 3,000 youth. During that time I was a coach, a business owner, an employer, a father, and an established author. In the agenda to help improve as many of my students, their parents, and the coaches I hired, I documented and studied every possible scenario that we could use for applicable theories toward progression. That has now become the Dragonize Standard of the Goal Process. 

I love writing and seeing how my writing might help inspire others to Believe Greatly, so they may act to Achieve Greatly. Within the past and future issues of the Dragonize Syndicate, I hope we can bring forward amazing individuals that may also provide hope and inspiration toward the progress toward true joy with one another. 

My 3-Bums (Belle, Raymond, & Layla) are proud to bring you these stories every month..    And we LOVE to WakeSurf!!!!.