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Audionce Artist Application Terms Conditions:

Only approved Audionce Artists may present their tracks into the Audionce system. Audionce Artists must provide the following for account to be in good standing: Audionce Artists are manually approved and may take up to a few days to be reviewed and approved. There is no cost to become a Dragonize Audionce Artist. 

As the Artist, You must be the rightful owner of the tracks you are listing in Audionce. The Dragonize Organization will not list any tracks you do not legally own. If you created the track yourself and with to obtain the legal copyrights, the Dragonize Organization will provide services to help you achieve the legal documentation of your work. 

  • Tracks:
    Cover Image less than 50mb for each track.(graphics artists and illustrators may be found in the PencilSharpeners section of the BookShelf).
    Public Demo: Complete soundtrack with an 8-second intro of the song and artist, & a 5-second outro to remind free listeners to purchase.
    Purchasable/Downloadable soundtrack with soundtrack only, no intro or outro.
    Name of the Track.
    Categories of the type of track (multiple categories may be defined).
    The genre of the soundtrack. 
    Instruments used within the track.
  • The mood of the soundtrack (multiple moods may be defined).
    Beats per minute- Optional

  • Pricing of sold tracks:
    List the price for an individual's Personal Listening.
    Price of Broadcast Licencing.
    Price for internet video Licensing.
    Price for Featured Film Licensing.
    Price to sell Ownership rights - Optional

  • Artist Royalties.
    The artist understands that all tracks sold will earn them an 80% Royalty of their work sold. Audionce Artists are not employees of the Dragonize Organization but an independent contractor of their own operations. Therefore a legal Social Security Number or Employee Identification Number and Form 1099 is required for tax purposes. The Dragonize Organization will not take out taxes you owe from these earnings and it is the responsibility of the Audionce Artist to account for their own taxable income. All Audionce Artist royalty payments are processed through PayPal; therefore, a PayPal account is required. The Dragonize Organization will process royalty payouts once per month on accounts that are owed $25 and more. Accounts under the $25 for the month will forward that balance to the following month until the $25 payout threshold is met. 

The Dragonize Organisation may from time to time feature or promote a track of choice. The Dragonize Organization reserves the right to promote or utilize any tracks listed with our Audionce services for our promotional and/or production uses. The Dragonize Organization does not promise to feature or promote any of your tracks. 

By completing this form you confirm you understand these requirements and agree to them to be listed within the Dragonize Audionce.

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