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Since My Beginning

I have been my dad’s shadow for the last 16 years as we have done everything together. From as far back as I remember, anywhere he went, I went also. I grew up in the gymnastics club my dad expanded and built. I had opportunities of a lifetime at such a young age that have impacted me long since. I was 10 when my family's’ dynamic changed and my parents were no longer together. Not long after the divorce, we were unable to keep pursuing our gym. That had been my childhood and the foundation of everything I knew.

Without that lifestyle anymore, I found myself trying to fill a void. Lost within my own imagination, I found a passion for writing. Like many other young girls, at one point I wanted to be an actress or a model, but I eventually found myself wanting to create the story instead of being confined to one character. I approached my dad telling him I wanted to write books and I asked him if he would do it with me. At the time, he had only written one book, Goal Process, which was intended to help his gymnasts. He had no previous intention of writing a novel, but he responded saying he will write his own alongside me. 

My novel is a fictional piece based on a variation of the zodiacs. This topic got my dad intrigued to learn that his Chinese zodiac was a dragon, and this ignited the theme to his books he promised to write and now this magazine. The dragon theme continued on into the title of the Dragonize Syndicate. 

Writing became our outlet as we continued trying to reopen the gym. We had struggled to maintain a reliable car, home, and income due to the duration of a poor economical era. In January of 2017, we were once again informed that we did not succeed in that location. All we had was an old Durango and a boat that still needed to be salvaged. 

For the next three months, we worked on this boat, in an airport lot in the middle of the desert. We managed to set up a computer in the boat and when we were too exhausted to work on the boat we continued working on the business plan for the Dragonize Syndicate. Yes, we started a corporation out of a boat in dry storage. 

What was once intended to be just one local magazine issue, transformed into having the capacity to spread across the entire United States and bring motivational articles into the homes of families. I look forward to all the inspiring stories I will have the opportunity to share. 

We believe that every dream is Great, but Achieving is even better, and we will now continue this pursuit from our floating vessel, appropriately named the “Gargoyle”.

Belle  Anderson

I  share the inspiring and motivational stories of talented and hard working people striving to accomplish their goals. You get to read about where they began, the challenges they faced, and how they overcame them. These stories are worth sharing and your goal is worth chasing. Believe Greatly, Achieve Greatly!

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