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Publishing My First Book

Writing and Publishing my first Book
My family started writing because of my older sister, Belle. When she started to write and dad followed. I said to myself “I am going to write a book.”
I started by copping the story out of another book. While I was doing that my dad said it is better to make up your own and you can’t copy other people's ideas because that is the law. 
I have always been writing on paper by hand whenever I had the time. I started writing a superhero story called "Super." Super was invincible because he has magic. I was told that a story with no weakness is a boring story.
I went back to the drawing board to better plan things out. I changed his name to Dragox. I stopped writing, but I never forgot about it. I started story after story after story but I never finished one.
When I was nine I moved into a new school. This was the 3rd school I ever went to. I noticed someone that had a huge imagination. She asked me to teach her how to write a story. I taught her and I had a feeling that I needed to start a story and finish it. I started stories but never finished one. 
I had a dream of someone with a dagger saving the world. When I woke up I brought my laptop out and started to write. This time I didn’t go to a different story. It took me a lot of work to finish. The hardest part of my work was larning to publishing it. I had to do these steps and some of them were easy and took me a second and the rest were easy, but I couldn’t do it until the next month. 
What I am trying to tell is Believe Greatly but you can only Achieve Greatly if you never quit working.

Raymond Thomas Anderson

A young, inspiring, and creative author. Wrote and published his first book at the age of ten. He continues to write his stories as he writes a monthly column for the Dragonize Syndicate on his experiences of learning new things that the world springs on a ten year old boy. 

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