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How it Came to Progress

Have you ever done something right the first time? I've certainly tried. There have been a few times I was fortunate to enjoy beginners luck. Every now and then I've been lucky to where my natural talents boosted my ego without working hard at it. Despite the possibilities, the probability of that occurring with everything I attempt is certainly low. Got to admit, it is awesome when that does happen.
Every product of Greatness has a path of growth and a progressional history. The Goal Process has its own history to tell as well. It originally wasn't called the Goal Process. It was actually nothing more than a series of youth-oriented Newsletters. 
It was the year 2001. Recently married, and I was expecting my firstborn son. I told myself that I would raise my children in the Gymnastics environment, as that was the environment that made me a better "Me." That's what I wanted to give my children too; that's why I was so excited to become a dad. An excuse to play all day without shoes on, and disguise it as serious work. Not all things went as expected. I hoped to start a big facility and looked at huge buildings to plant my business. Naturally, it started out in a school classroom with portable equipment, and toward the end of the year, I was given a daughter instead of a son. All the same, I had my gymnastics program and an inspiring child.
Fast forward, after a year of hosting my classes in a few elementary schools, I was able to acquire a small warehouse by doing a few doors to door sales fundraisers. The first building was tiny, but it was awesome. Now, another year, fast forward, the gym tripled like a weed in size and equipment. My dreams were finding fruition! Happy were my days being a young dad and business owner/coach and a boss on top of it all.
Before long, gymnasts were aiming to compete. Competitions we certainly attended. Compete? Not really, if we had ambitions to win medals and trophies. Our first competition we arrived with high aspiration, tense nerves, and doses of ignorance. Upon arrival, those aspirations dwindled deeply into overwhelmed intimidation. Everyone was far superior to my little squad. We left with low heads and the cutest ribbons of participation that secretly said, "Thanks for trying. Better luck next time."
But, for the Goal Process, this was the start of how it came to progress. Before the next competition, I had written a little newsletter to motivate my gymnasts. They now knew they were headed toward their second cute ribbon of disaster. Instead of looking at how well others did to define our misery, we focused on observing others to locate our faults with their far superior talents. 
We also focused on what our initial competition scores were. For each gymnast, their previous score was the baseline standard which we were determined to beat. After the second competition, we were so proud to watch others take the podium; as we again took home more of the cute participation ribbons. We also took home smiles because each of the girls' scores had increased between the two meets. Their improvements far superseded their lack of winning.
I saw greater enthusiasm due to the little newsletter article. So, I started making monthly newsletters and placed those motivational articles next to the Tuition Due reminder. Month after month, I found that people actually read... 

Morris Anderson
Author and creator of the Goal Process, chairman of the board for Dragonize Studio's & Institute, Inc. An ambitious Entrepreneur in the modern day with a journey to help people have a more fulfilling life with the pursuit of their goals. Believe Greatly, Achieve Greatly. 
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