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Raymond Wake Surf Learning

I told you about my experience of writing and publishing a book. Now I am going to tell you about my experience of how to wake surf. I was told that my sisters and I are going to wake surf. I was afraid and scared at first. The teachers were Spencer and Monica.

Spencer and Monica used Barbie dolls to explain to us how to wake surf. Too bad that ken couldn't help. They used them to show us how and what to do. They also said that the board has to be at the right angle for them to see. Your shoulders have to be above the board able to see. Once you take off you make sure your feet are in the right spot.

The first person to go on the board was my dad. He listened more then I did. Once Spencer step on the gas dad had a good start. I observed dad and the mistakes he was making. He got to go out there a couple of times. He did great out there. When he got tired it was Belle's turn.

When Belle got on the board she wasn't scared. When she got up she let go of the rope and jumped off and she had her nose plugged. She did some good ones and funny ones.

Once it was my turn I was scared the most. I never learned how to wake surf. Once I got on the board and go, I wasn't as scared anymore. It took me a few rounds to figure out how to do it. When I was up for the longest time I never stop going. They told me to go over to the other side of the boat but I didn't know how and I didn't want to fall off, but that's how you learn, by taking chances.

After my family went, Spencer and Monica went. Spencer had his hat on and he was very talented. He switched out his surfboards so he can do different stuff. They always started out with a rope and then threw it in the water and they kept on going. Monica had more of a personality. They both are pros in wake surfing. 

Learning from someone else is a good way to learn. If you have an opportunity to learn something, it is a big bonus for you. Especially with a teacher who knows what they're doing. I thank Monica and Spencer for helping us wake surf. You can Believe Greatly, but you have to work to Archive Greatly.

Raymond Thomas Anderson

A young, inspiring, and creative author. Wrote and published his first book at the age of ten. He continues to write his stories as he writes a monthly column for the Dragonize Syndicate on his experiences of learning new things that the world springs on a ten year old boy. 

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