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Write Things Down

The Goal Process was an evolution of its own in how it was developed. It didn't come from textbooks, it didn't start as an idea to pursue, it came from wanting to help others. 
I have coached over 3,000 young gymnasts and taught at least 100 coaches how to coach better. Each personality provided completely different perspectives on the same thing. I love that when I go through the steps of the Goal Process I remember names and stories of how that portion was put into the book. 
 In the early years of owning a gymnastics club, I would hold a weekly Coaches Meeting. This was dedication time in which I worked personally with the coaches by asking them what they did good, what went sour, who was improving and stagnant in their classes. This was also the best hour of the week solving problems to progress our gymnasts. We would sit on the huge, squishy, comfortable crash mats in Indian style and discuss or brainstorm the agenda for the upcoming week. One coach in particular help define Step 2, Write Them Down. 
Every week for coaches meeting I would open the forum with the same phrase. "Any comments, concerns, complaints, or questions?"
"Yes," She was always the first coach to have a question or suggestions. 
"Okay, Alisha, what do you have to say?" 
It became notorious every week. "Ummmmm? I forgot. But it's important, I remember that much." We loved Alisha as she would laugh off her lost thought. She may have been the most forgetful, but she wasn't the only one. All of the coaches at one point did the exact same thing.
As coaches, we devised a method to help solve this problem. We started putting pens and paper out in the gym area so when these questions arose they would be readily available to document for later use. 
This helped tremendously to have the questions ready when it was time for the Coaches Meeting. However, sometimes even writing them down was the challenge, even though it was such a simple thing to do. 
Today, as you take the Goal Process course in the Institute Portal at Dragonize.Org, I state: 
"Sometimes the easiest things are the most difficult to take the time to do...gets overlooked and forgotten, or completely neglected because it is just too simple."
Sometimes we just want a challenge and yearn to get going, that we really do overlook things that are so simple..... we just don't do them. Sometimes, we tell ourselves, it will only take a minute....when I get to it. Then, of course.... we don't get to it. 
It remains undone and buried in the tasks that eventually turn into panics when realized that little thing it the major puzzle piece to your entire picture. 
After a good month of blank sheets next to pencils throughout the gym, a question was finally scribed and read out loud during coaches meeting. I don't remember the question, just that it was simple to answer, and that is was vital to seeing a gymnast make big strides thereafter. 
Soon, papers with questions began pouring in during coaches meetings. The progress was great as the coaches were better instructed, helping the gymnasts get better instructed, and everyone benefitted. 
Since then, I have been an advocate for writing down my goals. This step revolutionized the entire gym at that time. I had begun creating curriculum books for each gymnast from the Mentors perspective of all the skills they could aim for on all the different gymnastics equipment. Gymnasts then on knew exactly what skills they needed to progress in the sport and each apparatus. We never questioned what to do each day. 
Many coaches and gymnasts move forward in life much more organized and prepared because of Step 2, Writing Things Down. 

Morris Anderson
Author and creator of the Goal Process, chairman of the board for Dragonize Studio's & Institute, Inc. An ambitious Entrepreneur in the modern day with a journey to help people have a more fulfilling life with the pursuit of their goals. Believe Greatly, Achieve Greatly. 
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