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The month of April was a foundation building and settling month. As usual, as new things are introduced, technical issues and bugs may appear in the process. Dragonize.Org was excited to add a new feature to the site, Alias Pages.
Alias Pages were created to accommodate the separation of a YOU'sers personal content from their Business content. An Alias Page gives businesses a dedicated page to display their media, plus get customer reviews on their products and services. Since this is a new feature, there are no stats on the number of Alias Pages have been created till next month. 
Being the focus was not yet on recruiting new YOU'sers, an increase of 8 was still gained from previous work. For June, the goal is to continue making new member orientation videos to new YOU'sers. Dragonize.Org has so many unknown features that YOU'sers don't yet understand them or know how to utilize them for their benefits. 
Interviews for a Shareholder Representative are still ongoing to fulfill the Regulation A Circular. The right person for this position is an outgoing Sales Rep who gains their rewards on their work through commission driven efforts. Apply in the Job Portal.

Morris Anderson
Author and creator of the Goal Process, chairman of the board for Dragonize Studio's & Institute, Inc. An ambitious Entrepreneur in the modern day with a journey to help people have a more fulfilling life with the pursuit of their goals. Believe Greatly, Achieve Greatly. 
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