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Believe Become, It's America

Every year at the fourth of July there is a great reason to look forward to the summer heat, the fireworks for celebrating our Nations Independence, the friends, and plenty of barbeques. There are some songs that have become very traditional. 
God Bless the USA has the opening statement that has become very meaningful to me, "If all the things were gone, I've worked for all my life, and I had to start again with just my children...."
Starting back in my youth, I had the opportunity to attend a gymnastics facility and shape who I was to be for the next 20 plus years. Since 16 years old, I knew I wanted to operate my own business; a gymnastics facility to be specific. 
Around 22-23 years old, I made the move to start my own teaching program in the after hours at a few elementary schools. A year later, that after-school program was in its first location. Another year gone, the facility tripled in size with a huge expansion. With a lot of hard work, gymnasts I coached were headed off to competitions. It was exciting.
Right here in America, can such a young person take the reigns of their lives with only $500 and make that grow into a business and career. It is possible to achieve the American Dream. I know for a fact, as that person was me. 
Around 31-32, my business was something to be proud of. I would see the same smiles improving week after week. I would get paid month after month. I had the family going, and life was very happy. I had even published a Self-Help book to encourage people to improve their Self-Esteem and be more productive with their lives.
By 34-35, things drastically changed. Not a bit of it existed anymore. Reminences of a beautiful business were scattered all over. The statistics of the "American Single Family" merged its way into my life. In the storm of decay, many precious things vanished; including personalities that were at one time important in my life. The divorce took a toll on my schedule, which took a toll on the business, which took a toll on my income, then my credit. Despite the fight, the work, the sweat, the self-motivation of "I won't quit," I lost. Literally, all of it. 
This is America, I can chase the dream again. I rebuilt the gym, but with three kids now, it took a year to barely qualify to get into a new place. It wasn't just business, it was home, literally. Can you guess, with a renewed commitment of work, sweat, and self-motivation I never did quit. It failed again.
Take three; This is America. New place, same effort, more smelly sweat than ever, and even greater motivation! Go fish, not in the deck of cards, return to nothing and resume from there. 
Around 41-42, now the kids are a bit older. They are smarter, they work with Dad, they sweat with Dad, and  together we are a team motivated to pursue that American Dream. Did I already establish, this is America!
Despite the hardships, the failures, the setbacks, and the frustrations we've persevered, we keep the Dream Alive. Dragonize Studio's & Institute, Inc. was created for Americans by an amazing American family. Only in America can a family like this have the opportunity and privilege to start with nothing and set goals to encompass every household. 
You will see our love of this country in every magazine and in the social media website we host; we support the Constitution and those who Serve & Protect it too.
Salute a Solider, Salute a Flag.
Remember, this IS America and God will Bless the USA!

Morris Anderson
Author and creator of the Goal Process, chairman of the board for Dragonize Studio's & Institute, Inc. An ambitious Entrepreneur in the modern day with a journey to help people have a more fulfilling life with the pursuit of their goals. Believe Greatly, Achieve Greatly. 
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