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Cast Away Your Crutches


Our usual thought about a crutch is when someone hurts their leg and it needs to heal. Between the time of the injury till the time it has healed, something subsidizes the difference of work which that disabled leg normally does. This would be the “crutch.” The crutch bridges the gap for enough time to allow healing and progress to take its course and still provide some mobility. So a crutch is a good thing, right?
Yes, and No. The important thing to remember about the crutch, it is intended to be a temporary solution, not a long term remedy. Especially, not an asset of life to form into a repeating habit. For most people who have endured a leg injury, they understand how quickly they hope to rid themselves of that crutch and sore armpits they create despite the benefit of continued mobility.
Crutches come in more shapes, sizes, modalities, and paradigms than we often realize. These are the crutches I focus on with our small daily decisions. Occasionally, we may find ourselves heavily leaning our weight onto something that will only slow us down, retard our progress, turn us backward, and make us even more miserable; while believing it is a benefit to our goals. But, since it is a crutch, it is supposed to help us, stable us, and guide us to greatness. Inevitably, a crutch can easily become a double-edged sword that cuts us as it helps us. That is if it is used beyond the means of its purpose. The Goal Process teaches of these Thresholds to observe.
I took a little extra time this past month to do a favorite past time; People Watching (I learn a lot doing this). I chose to sit out on the marina as people headed in and out of the restaurant. As groups of people went by, I observed in search for their most obvious crutches. The crutch was anything they thought they needed to help them, which did the opposite, hurting them more than benefit.
Here’s a list of easily noticed crutches. Some were very comical:
Cigarettes and Vapes: Some people couldn’t go very many steps without a nicotine rush hitting their system. Some of the vapes, I admit, had a sweet and pleasing aroma. However, it is a clear known fact these products that hit the lungs diminish one's physical endurance. They couldn’t go on without them, yet wanted to play hard and burn off energy as they panted for breath and another hit of their crutch substance.
Alcohol: It’s fun!!!! Right? This is one where it was tolerable for a relaxing evening within reason. Most alcohol consumers are actually very responsible with their drinking choices. Granted, some people didn't stop relaxing soon enough. Downing one drink after another, to where their insides said “too much,” and sent it involuntarily back up. Usually, all over their clothes which they wore for their special occasion to look more appealing. I got to witness two disgusted people carry their wobbly, slobbery, vomit drenched, and worn out friend to the vehicle. Hard to tell if he was having so much fun bathed in his vomit while the lady he was impressing got in a different vehicle.
Makeup; One young lady was occupied in the attempt of looking better with her expensive face paint held in her darling Prada bag. She continued her walking while applying mascara in front of her cell phone screen which was projecting back her image through the selfie camera. Not paying great attention to her surroundings, she bumped her elbow on a steel upright post and went from a nicely detailed Da Vinci to an abstract Picasso in an instant. The cursing conversation she had to the abusive pole was rather comical. I think she was most attractive without the expensive enhancements.... Just my opinion.
Flip Flops: Yes, cheap flip flops make the list. Mostly because this young lady was so determined to wear them despite the repeated tripping they caused. Every third step the front of the toe would catch the concrete tile and scruff up her toes as the rubber folded under itself. "They're Cute." Yet, she had another pair of tennis shoes hanging out of her backpack. Her crutch will lead to a real crutch pretty soon.
While it is fun to people watch and nitpick their little self-destructive actions, keep in mind, we all have our own crutches which we lean on in one way or another. Try to take a moment to analyze your own little crutches and create steps where you can cast away your crutches to proudly stand on your own without them.
Believe Greatly, Achieve Greatly. 



Morris Anderson
Author and creator of the Goal Process, chairman of the board for Dragonize Studio's & Institute, Inc. An ambitious Entrepreneur in the modern day with a journey to help people have a more fulfilling life with the pursuit of their goals. Believe Greatly, Achieve Greatly. 
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