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Syndicate History

Exactly 12 months ago the Dragonize Syndicate made its first debut in full-size magazine print form with our October 2018 issue. One of the steps in the Goal Process of building your self-esteem is Monitoring Your Progress. There is incredible value in being reminiscent from time to time. So, that's what we'll do right now.

When applying the Steps of the Goal Process, a journal is inherently created along the way, starting with things "I Want" and writing them down. As you progress from obstacle to obstacle, those little challenges sometimes get lost in the memory of exactly what important details you have had to overcome. 

The past year has been our initial works in progress year. Wow, have we had some amazing experiences? Let's see who we were able to learn from? A survivor of Indonesian concentration camps, the Captain of a Tour Boat, Sail Boat Instructors, many Veterans from the Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force, para-Olympic Cyclist PIlot, Wake Surf Champions, and Water Ski Champions. 

What an amazing year of so many inspiring people the Syndicate has introduced us to. It's hard to believe another year of work is under our belt.  The past 12 months have only been since the Syndicate was progressed into an actual printed magazine form. As I reflect on the Monitoring of the Syndicate's progress, here are a few more historical facts as I dig into my archives of files.

The pre-historic Dragonize Syndicate had the title DVS Magazine, as an acronym of Dragon Veils Series Magazine, and was printed in a quarter magazine size in October of 2016 from a small laser printer. This was the beginning of the "Just a Faize" header title of my articles. I was writing about the opportunity I had to go live on the radio with KKNT Patriot 960 to talk about the Goal Process and my experiences in the writing of my book Managing the Manacles. At that time I operated my gymnastics facility and had a pet mascot named Xander, a Bearded Dragon. 

We used Xander to help promote the Goal Process as a meme model in various poses. For a reptile, he was an amazingly easy model to work with. Check out his poses and memes on in the group page, "Old Xander Meme's" on Dragonize.Org. 

Before Octobers 2016 initial DVS publication, the predecessor to that was a single page of a double-sided newsletter; I would hand it out to the families in my gym. Every month included a small highlight of someone within the gym, a motivational input, and a tuition reminder that kept my business operating. That newsletter was the initial creation of the Goal Process. Back in those days, I only had a few boring fonts to choose from and all the images were mere cliparts. I had very little computer graphics experience, writing experience, or publishing experience at that time. I had ambition, that's about it. To brighten up the newsletter, I used different colors of sheets for each month. It wasn't much, but it was the best I had and loved it.

One day, a father of one of my gymnasts brought in a 2-inch stack of colored papers. I could see pile included every single newsletter I had written to that point. 

"You could write an entire self-help book with all this you've written." He told me. 

Today, we can look back on that exact moment as the creative seed of the Goal Process and the Dragonize Syndicate. Both of them have been a step by step progression to greater and greater improvements. During this span of the Goal Process and Syndicate history, I am honored to see people take these lessons, learn from these lessons, and apply better practices to their lives because of the documentation I've lived. 

I am proud of the long way I've traveled since the first newsletter way back in 2001. 2018 was a great progress year to getting the first printer to produce the Syndicate in large scale. 2019, so far has been a lot of ironing out the kinks found within a new venture of taking the Goal Process hugely public with Dragonize.Org. As of October 2019, we are aiming to branch the Syndicate from our initial location to our second location in the next few months. Looking forward to 2020, the vision is set to see thousands of distribution locations throughout the United States with "Factotums" helping other businesses sponsor events for their communities and further promote the Goal Process to helping more people Achieve. 

I love moving forward after looking back and realizing how much I've truly don

Morris Anderson
Author and creator of the Goal Process, chairman of the board for Dragonize Studio's & Institute, Inc. An ambitious Entrepreneur in the modern day with a journey to help people have a more fulfilling life with the pursuit of their goals. Believe Greatly, Achieve Greatly. 
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