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  • Dragonize Corporate
  • 1. What is the Dragonize Organization?

    Dragonize Organization is the legal Trade Name, in the state of Arizona, for Dragonize Studio's & Institute, Inc. Incorporated by Morris Anderson in 2017. Morris and his 3 kids started the Dragonize Organization based on the book Dragonize Your Dragon Eyes, containing the methods of the Goal Process. Virtually every aspect of the Dragonzie Organization is created to help our You'sers apply the 11 steps of the Goal Process in one or multiple ways. Our goal is to help others believe Greatly to achieve their goals. 


    The Goal Process is 11-steps of progression which Morris refined as he continually analyzed thousands of experiences while working with over 3,000 gymnasts in a 28-year span of his coaching career. Those teachings and methods extend way beyond the apparatus found in the gym and into every day living of those who wish to improve who they are. Now, Morris and his kids are excited to present the Goal Process with the Dragonize Organization and to provide as many tools as possible to help those who most wish to improve their lives. 


  • 2. Behind the name Dragonize.

    Where did the name Dragonize come from? 


    When Belle, now the Dragonize CEO, was only 10 years old, she told her dad, Morris, that she wanted to write a book and asked if he would write it with her. He suggested that novels were difficult to co-author, but if she wrote a novel he would also write a novel. Belle then began to study the Zodiacs for interesting plot ideas. Her story became interesting very quickly. At this time the Goal Process had been available only to gymnasts and their families who attended Morris' gymnastics facility. Self-Help books, which Morris had already published may be great, but a plot is not very exciting as far as the storyline goes. 


    One day while pondering about a novel plot to write, Morris decided to visit a Chinese restaurant for a very rare sit-in lunch. He had not eaten Chinese cuisine in a very long time. After sitting down a table mat displayed all the different zodiacs in the Chinese calendar. He looked at all the different signs and searched the dates for the year he was born. These annually spaced zodiacs were very different from that of the monthly Western Zodiac calendar. After comparing the various different signs, Morris was very pleased to learn he was a Dragon. He felt it was only fitting the Belle was writing mostly about her zodiac sign, he could also write about his zodiac sign; the same thing, yet incredibly different. 

    By this time Belle said, "Dad, I don't want to write a novel. I want to write a Series."  Morris was challenged to up his ante and develop his plot into a series as well. In doing so, he wanted to show the progression of people on an individual level as well as humanity in the process of our history progressing with our technologies one new lesson at a time. He referenced the steps of the Goal Process and then reformatted the book to fit the Novel Series. The name of the Goal Process then went under the title Dragonize Your Dragon Eyes, as the fictional story portrays mankind learning from the living Dragons who have knowledge of the Gods. It is the agenda in the novels for people to progress to a more celestial intelligence. 


    Morris took the noun of Dragon and transformed it into an adjective meaning to learn as the Dragons know by adding the suffix of i"ze|.to it.  Which then became a pro-noun to the title of the book. Wanting to motivate people into productive actions, he then incorporated that term into the name of the corporation. It has been the Dragonize Organization ever since. 

  • 3. Corporate Structure

    Dragonize Studio's & Institute, Inc. was incorporated in Arizona, 2017, by Morris Anderson, consisting of 500,000,000 shares. The Dragonize Organization is the trade name for the Dragonize Studio's & Institute, Inc. in the state of Arizona.

    The corporate agenda is to sell shares under the SEC Jobs Act, Regulation A, to raise the capital required to hire employees throughout the United States, increasing the distribution areas of the Dragonize Syndicate. 


    Chairman of the Board: Morris Anderson

    Board Members:

    • Belle Anderson, since 2017.
    • Raymond Anderson, since 2020.


    Chief Executive Officer: Belle Anderson, since January 2020.


    Divisions of the Dragonize Organization

    • JournalStream- A social publishing platform for the You'sers of Dragonize.Org to search and present their content with other You'sers. Revenue is generated through businesses advertising within the JournalStream as You'sers scroll through their journals.
    • Dragonize Syndicate- Mailed to home publication through the USPS by our local representatives in strategic areas. Revenue is generated by locally placed advertising for the regions they wish to target for their client acquisition opportunities. 
    • Campus- Publishing of educational courses created by You'ser Mentors to teach others new skills, tricks of their trades, and important knowledge of their specialized field of study. Campus generates revenue by collecting tuition paid for You'sers to take a Mentors course. Dragonize retains 20% of all tuition transactions.
    • Fund-A-Mentally- Donations campaigning for You'sers to raise funds for their goals. Revenue is generated through the processing of transactions, which Dragonize retains 6%.
    • WinnerPics- A set of monthly photo contests within Dragonize.Org. WinnerPics does not generate direct revenue from its operations. Instead, Dragonize will seek sponsors to provide revenue.
    • BookShelf- The Dragonize library of books to read. Beyond the book listing, Dragonize is a publisher and will assist authors to get their book rights secured and promoted. Within BookShelf is the PencilSharpener directory for literary service providers to provide publishing help to authors. Revenue is created through author and book listing fees, as well as PencilSharpener subscriptions. Dragonize also retains 20% of titles sold that have been published by the Dragonize Publishing program.
    • TasteBuds- A social recipe sharing forum. Revenue is not generated directly from the activity within the Tastebuds division. 
    • JobSite- Job seeking and Jobs Hiring platform to help both ends of employment You'sers on Dragonize.Org. While low in pricing, revenue is brought in by small subscription charges to Employee and Employer for a time based listing. 
    • Audionce- Independent audio creators can upload and sell their audio tracks on Audionce. 
    • RSVP - Events and Ticket registration platform. Revenue is generated in a processing fee of tickets sold. 
    • Scene - A directory listing of those working in the Audio, Video, Film industry to connect and produce films. Revenue is created through a Talent listing fee. 
    • Odeum - A streaming content forum for You'ser s to view full-featured films created primarily by independent producers. Revenue is generated through subscriptions of You'sers who wish to view the films. 
  • 4. Goal Process Summary

    The Goal Process is the 11 steps of building Self-Esteem and achieving goals after years of documenting what worked to improve the performance of youth in the sport of gymnastics. The Goal Process is available under the title, Dragonize Your Dragon Eyes." 

    Morris Anderson had coached over 3,000 individuals in the process of creating the Goal Process in the span of 15 years. The features within Dragonize.Org are available in order to assist our You'sers to Believe Greatly in order to help them Achieve Greatly. At the Dragonize Organization, we want to see people use their time wisely and as efficiently as possible. Therefore, we present the Goal Process and many other teachings to help you work best.