Applying the Jobs Act of 2012,


Dragonize Studio's & Institute, Inc. is Jumpstarting the business by selling shares of stock under Regulation A, Tier 1 and will follow the outlined phases as the Corporation progresses through its benchmarks.

Phase 1: (Syndicate Starter), Tier 1. Will promote two main areas of the Dragonize Studio's & Insitute Inc., www.Dragonize.Org and the Dragonize Syndicate. The Syndicate Starter Phase is currently selling shares at $0.10 (ten cents) per share to raise $900,000 by selling 9,000,000 shares of common stock.

 Special Terms Pertaining to this Circular: Investors must hold these shares until the Syndicate Starter Circular closes, which concludes at the benchmark of selling all registered shares for this Circular. Upon the closing date of the Circular, shareholders will have the first right to the sale for 90 days at the new price of $0.50 per share, before the second Circular phase commences. This same timing sequencing will occur after every Circular close, prior to the next Circular beginning until reaching the NYSE requirements to trade more publicly.

Capital Proceeds of the Syndicate Starter Circular:
Initial Capital Proceeds will provide working space and increase distribution to 300,000 Syndicates per month. This circulation level is expected to generate $4 Million in revenue and ten new employment positions. At this phase, 50%-70% of revenues will be reinvested into the corporation for additional growth of Syndicate Magazine Distribution.


Phase 2 (Grounding Studio's) Tier 1 Allocating 15,000,000 Shares to be sold at $0.50 per share to raise $7,500,000.

Phase 3  (Instituting Charter) Tier 1 Allocating 20,000,000 Shares to be sold at $1.00 per share to raise $20,000,000

Phase 4 (Pleasant Purchases) Tier 2 Allocating 10,000,000 Shares to be sold at $5.00 per share to raise $50,000,000


Syndicate Division: Our paper driven magazine delivered directly to homes and businesses with local advertising will help promote the sales of our shares.

Morris Anderson
Author and creator of the Goal Process, chairman of the board for Dragonize Studio's & Institute, Inc. An ambitious Entrepreneur in the modern day with a journey to help people have a more fulfilling life with the pursuit of their goals. Believe Greatly, Achieve Greatly.